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Budget Locksmiths Leicester, a Leicestershire Locksmiths company regularly recommended by the Leicester POLICE.

Our locksmith company is all about excellent customer service, reliability and quality workmanship, we believe our locksmith team can do just that whilst providing the BEST PRICE at all times in Leicester.

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Have you ever returned home only to find out that you misplaced your house keys? Ever been locked out of your own house because the door has been blown shut? Being locked out of your house can be quite a trying time for anyone. Getting back in without damaging your property is guaranteed a difficult task and best left to a professional locksmith to gain access by using non-destructive methods which is a skill built upon many years of experience in the locksmith trade.

DO NOT attempt to gain entry yourself, we have seen this many of times in Leicester and the result of these attempts will just become another job as well as another cost to repair window or door frames.

However, with our locksmith team at your side, you need not worry. The expert locksmiths within our team will ensure that you get into your house within 15 minutes without damage to your property, windows or doors. Call on 0116 442 2373 for immediate locksmith assistance, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our locksmith trade services will cover any business in Leicester requiring re-entry into their shop or office, call our locksmith team for the best rates!

Why Choose Budget Locksmiths Leicester?

Locksmith Leicester POLICE Approved

We often help a variety of local customers who have been sent to us by the Leicestershire Police, the customers situations vary, though our locksmith Leicester members are prepared for all situations which enables us to support customers through the aftermath of a burglary, lock change, temporary window boarding, uPVC door repairs, these services are most required when helping customers from the police.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Leicester Team

Being available 24 hours as locksmiths we regularly serve a variety of customers throughout the night whom may of found themselves to either have been locked out or to of had lost their keys, frequently in the case of returning home from a party or late night work shift. There are many scenarios of why you could require a locksmith through the night.

We absolutely appreciate it can be a troublesome time therefore our locksmith team aim to provide a best value locksmith service in Leicester 24 hours a day for all emergency situations.

Rapid locksmith Response quick to arrive

A member of our locksmith company can be with you within 15 minutes of calling no matter the time, day or night, we aim endlessly to dispatch a friendly locksmith to your location straight away.

FREE quotations on all Locksmith Leicester Services

Our quotes are provided free of charge, whether that be for a re-entry door opening call out service, single or complete lock change, uPVC door repairs or any of our additional locksmith services you'll be sure to receive a quote that's affordable and to our best value locksmith promise. You may think just because our locksmith team are professional and highly skilled it is likely going to cost you an arm and a leg, however you will find that our locksmith prices are reasonably affordable which is of great help whilst on a budget.

Competitive locksmith prices Day and Night

With our team being highly skilled in the locksmith trade you could possibly think it'll likely cost beyond your budget, we'd like to reassure you that you'd be mistaken, we run our locksmith company with minimal overheads which allows us to pass on the savings to our valued customers in Leicester, providing you with the most affordable, best value, budget locksmiths in Leicester! Remember our locksmith prices are very affordable because we take appropriate measures within our company to pass on the savings to our customers, without compromising quality of workmanship and service received.

Locksmiths making Leicester a safer place

Being locksmiths in Leicester, we see an awful lot of burglaries, therefore we are keen to advise our customers on crime prevention methods for in and around your home, not only making your home a safer place, though to make your neighbourhood a better and safer place to live. Our advice can be passed onto friends and family so they too can implement some security prevention methods, working together is a must to protect your property and to look out for your neighbours whilst doing so.

Our Locksmith Leicester Services

Residential Locksmiths Leicester Services

locksmith Leicester Door Opening

From Door Opening to a Lock Change our locksmiths are capable of fulfilling every requirement you may have no matter how small, large or complex the job. Our locksmith team are available 24 hours a day for our residential customers, covering all inner and outer areas of Leicester.

The residential locksmiths here within the budget team are experienced in all types of cases, includes providing support to customers after they have experienced a burglary, the Leicester Police have recommended our locksmith company on many occasions for this type of scenario so the Budget Locksmiths Leicester team are highly experienced when dealing with this type of sensitive situation. At all times we will make our customers feel comfortable and do our utmost to bring a secure atmosphere back to your home.

Our locksmith services to residential customers include:

  • Lock Change
  • We stock all type of locks to suit all doors including uPVC and wooden doors.
  • Door Opening
  • Our locksmiths are trained to access all doors without damage to your actual door or frame.
  • Bedroom Door Lock
  • Suitable for house shares or uni students our locksmiths can fit two-way locks.
  • uPVC Door Locks - Replacement
  • Budget Locksmiths Leicester stock a full range of uPVC door locks, suitable for a general lock change, or upgrade.
  • uPVC Door Lock Mechanism
  • We can replace uPVC door lock mechanism parts in all cases.
  • uPVC Door Repairs
  • uPVC doors frequently experience common faults, with handles, mechanism and locks, our locksmiths can fix all!
  • Home Safes
  • Here at Leicestershire Locksmiths, we can supply and fit all types of home safes, our locksmiths can also open safes if you have forgotten your combination or lost your keys.
  • Home Alarm
  • There's a variety of home alarm systems, talk to us about the options available.
  • Garage Locks
  • The locksmith team within our company can supply, fit and replace garage locks.
  • Garden Shed Security
  • From alarmed padlocks to security bars, secure your shed today!
  • Garage Doors
  • We have on standby a garage door specialist to visit and quote all types of garage doors including Electric Roller Shutter Doors in Leicester.

Commercial Locksmiths Leicester Services

Commercial locksmiths Leicester services

On standby 24 hours we have an exceptionally skilled locksmith team which permits us to provide a variety of locksmith services to the commercial trade, suited to property developers, estate agents, housing management, landlords and business owners.

Even though our rates are extremely competitive, we assure you that quality comes first under all circumstances, we use high quality branded locks and parts in all cases, and with our workmanship being second to none, we aim to always provide a cost-efficient solution without sacrificing safety or quality to all our customers be that domestic or to the commercial trade.

Our locksmith services to the commercial trade consist of:

  • Locksmith Contracts
  • Our locksmiths can provide trade contracts on all work including lock change, door opening and door repairs.
  • Cash Box Opening
  • If you have a cash box, lost the key or combination and require it opening, it's a job for a locksmith.
  • Safes
  • We can supply and fit all sizes of safes, for all types of businesses.
  • Safe Specialist
  • On standby at Budget Locksmiths we have a safe specialist ready to travel the country to all locations, banks, cash machines.
  • Roller Shutter Doors
  • Roller Shutter Doors is another of our specialities, shop doors of all sizes available.
  • Emergency Fire Exit Push Bars, Push Pads
  • Our locksmith team can fit all types of mechanisms for emergency doors, including push bars and push pads.
  • Fire Safety Door Mechanism
  • Call our locksmith Leicester specialists for details.

Locksmith Leicester Best Price Guaranteed

Budget locksmiths Leicester re-entry

Being a 24 hour budget locksmith Leicester provider we regularly serve a variety of customers throughout the night whom may of found themselves to either have been locked out or to of had lost their keys, frequently in the case of returning home from a party or late night working shift.

24 hour Locksmith Leicester Service

Need a locksmith in the middle of the night? Worry not, our team of locksmiths is always available for your service – 24x7 on all days. Just give us a call on 0116 442 2373 and one of our locksmiths will be on the way to your house.

Extensive Locksmith Coverage of Leicestershire

You can call upon us from anywhere in the Leicestershire area. We cover the entire Leicester and surrounding areas including but not limited to Coalville, Lutterworth, Hinckley, Glen Parva & Melton Mowbray. We also have locksmiths in Loughborough, Blaby, Narborough, Glenfield, Enderby, Wigston and Oadby.

We can reach within minutes in the central city locations, viz. Abbey Park, Western Park, Braunstone, Stoneygate, Hamilton, Victoria Park, King Power Stadium, Walnut Street and the Leicestershire golf Club.

If you do not find your place mentioned in the list above, please give us a call on 0116 442 2373 and one of our skilled locksmiths will be right with you.

Reliable Locksmith Leicester offering best rates

Affordable Locksmiths in Leicester

Just because our locksmiths are skilled, available round the clock and serve almost all areas of Leicester, does not mean that they have to cost an arm and a leg. Our locksmith services are affordable at all times and will be well within your budget.

Burglary Leicester Locksmith Assistance

In case your house has been broken into, our team of expert locksmiths will repair and secure your entry points to ensure safety first, we can then begin to change the locks through the entire house including garages and repair any damage done to the property.

Non-Destructive Door Opening Leicester Homes

If your door and other entry points have been locked out thus making it impossible to enter, our locksmith specialists will use only non-destructive entry methods to ensure re-entry causes no damage to your property. A lock change is the most you will require.

Call a locksmith if you are locked out of your residence or lost your keys to the door. A certified Leicester locksmith can help you out in a lock out situation. Call us on 0116 442 2373 to know more.

Emergency Locksmith Service in Leicester

In case of an unforeseen lock out or burglary break-in at your home or office, you may need emergency help to be available within short notice. In such a case, please feel free to contact us. Budget Locksmith Leicester team are available in cases of emergency and will be available at your doorstep within 15 minutes.

In addition to lock outs and door opening re-entry services in Leicester, we also provide a host of other security solutions to our clients, viz. security audit, lock upgrades, lock change, upvc door repairs, safe unlocking, rolling shutter doors and more.

Lock Change, Lock Upgrade, Lock Replacement in Leicester

Theft systems evolve over a period of time along with evolution of technology and as a result, locking and security systems also have to undergo constant development to keep up with these changes. Thus, it is in your best interest to upgrade your locks at regular intervals. The latest door locks provide defence against burglary break-in techniques like lock snapping, drilling, picking, bumping and cutting.

New locking systems are made up of highly durable material like alloy steel which is almost impossible to cut or snap using traditional methods. Keys made of these materials are unbreakable too. Such keys do not break inside the lock during operation and hence prevent lockouts.

We offer a wide range of high quality locking systems at a very reasonable cost in the city of Leicester. Call us on 0116 442 2373 for a recommendation from one of our expert locksmiths.

Digital Locking Systems in Leicester

Password based locking systems are the latest development in the field of property locking solutions. These are keyless systems that can be unlocked using a password combination keyed in using a touch pad. Some model also enable unlocking using a remote control or biometrics. These locking devices have the advantage of not having to carry your keys around while travelling.

We provide recommendation and installation services for such locks to our customers in Leicester and surrounding areas. Call us on 0116 442 2373 right away to get advice on the best system available for your budget.

Bulk Lock Upgrades for Developers and Landlords in Leicester

Having the latest locking and security systems for your property can make it more attractive to buyers due to a greater sense of security which in turn results in higher sales for you. We provide highly discounted contracts to property developers and landlords for bulk upgrades of locks and security systems for their properties. Contact us on 0116 442 2373 for the best deal.

External Key Storage Systems

You may leave your keys hidden outside your home to avoid lockouts in case of misplacement or loss of keys. However, this is a very high risk practice as someone may figure out the hiding place and easily gain access to your house. Professional thieves are experts at figuring out spots where keys are usually hidden and thus you may be at risk even if you think the place where you have hidden your keys is very safe.

The best way to ensure safety is to leave your keys with a trusted neighbour. However, the neighbour may not always be available in case of emergency. To avoid such a situation, the second best alternative is to keep your keys in a code locked cabinet in a hidden place outside your home. Even if someone was to find out the location of the cabinet, the person will not have access to your keys since they are locked inside a code protected chamber. To get this device for your home in Leicester, give us call on 0116 442 2373

Home Security Audit

Home security audits in Leicester are essential for protection against theft or robbery by patching loopholes in the security of your home or office. The experts at Budget Locksmiths Leicester will conduct a security check of your house or office and provide you with a comprehensive security report. This report contains information about your current state of security along with tips for patching up all loopholes in the same. The audit is done not only for the entry points to the house but also for external factors like landscape design, exterior house surface, windows, garden shed, garage, etc.

Our locksmiths also perform a break-in drill to enact a real life break-in scenario in order to gauge the true security of your home. The audit can be carried out at any point in time for both new and old houses. Give us a call on 0116 442 2373 to schedule an appointment with our experts for your security audit.

New Lock Installation

Budget Locksmiths Leicester can also provide you with installation of secure locking systems for your house at a very affordable price. We have extensive experience in securing all sorts of properties viz. apartments, bungalows, farm houses, row houses, garages & garden sheds located in Leicester. In addition to sales, we also provide you with proper installation of the locks purchased from us. We offer a large range of the best muti-lever & high security locks within your budget.

Key Duplication Service in Leicester

It is in your best interest to always keep a duplicate spare key of your main door and gate locks. These will come handy in case of misplacement or lockouts. Our expert locksmiths are able to duplicate any set of keys with high precision.

We can duplicate a huge variety of keys including but not limited to house keys, window keys, gate keys, padlock keys, double glazing keys, vehicle keys, four sided keys, dimple keys, internal cut keys, tubular keys, double sided keys, cupboard keys, rimmed keys, safe keys, etc.

Call us on 0116 442 2373 in case you need your keys duplicated at the best price in Leicester.

UPVC Door Multi Locking Systems

The traditional locking systems like padlocks have become obsolete from the point of view of security with the advent of modern technology. These are very easy to open, break-in or snap which puts your property at a high level of risk. Modern drills and electric saws make it very easy to break such locks. Therefore, we provide our clients with high quality uPVC locks that protect against picking or drilling. These locks have multiple levers and locking systems which makes it very difficult to break-in even with sophisticated instruments.

Safes and Cash Box Unlocking

It is possible that you may lose the keys to your locker, safe or cash box. Modern lockers and cash boxes are very difficult to break and require specialised methods to open. Our skilled Budget Locksmith Leicester team will help you unlock your safe or cash box with minimal damage to the safe.

Is your safe giving you trouble? If yes, then please call our experts on 0116 442 2373 to get it opened quickly with minimal hassle.

Garage Security Systems

It is not only your home that needs to be protected from intruders. Garages provide an easy way for a person to gain entry into your house. Therefore, it is imperative that your garage security also receives the same amount of attention as your house or office.

Garden Shed Security and Locking Systems

Garden sheds are one of the most overlooked components of a home from the point of view of security. An unsecured garden shed increases the risk of theft or trespassing on your property. Ensure that it is well protected with the advice from our professional locksmiths.

Unbreakable Safes and Cash Boxes

If you keep items of high values or sensitive documents at home, then it is imperative that you store them in a safe.

The ideal safe to purchase depends on multiple factors like the type of items to be stored inside the safe, insurance requirements, fire safety, budget etc. For example, a safe required to store document needs higher fire safety standards as compared to a safe used for storage of gold jewellery. Insurance companies also have their own minimum standards of safety which must be followed to ensure valid insurance coverage.

There are two main types of safes available viz. data safes and security safes. Data safes are mainly used for storing documents, laptops and data storage media and has higher protection against fire. Security safes are used for storing valuables like gold, cash, etc.

Call us on 0116 442 2373 to get a recommendation from our expert locksmiths about the type of safe to purchase. Our locksmiths will help you buy and install the best safe available within your budget.

CCTV and Surveillance Systems

A good locking system is just one part of the equation. Surveillance systems are just as essential to ensure the safety of your home and office. They help you monitor and keep an eye on your property for any possible security breach. In addition to this, they also act as a means of scrutiny and proof after an incident has occurred.

Rolling Shutter & Electric Garage Doors

Roller shutters provide excellent defence against break-in attempts of commercial property. We have recently added a good range of electronic automatic shutters that are very easy to use and have very low maintenance overheads. These shutters can further be locked using multi-lever locks for added security. Call us on 0116 442 2373 to discuss your needs.

Burglar Alarms and Anti-Theft Systems in Leicester

Burglar alarms and anti-theft systems are useful as an alerting mechanism in case of a break-in. They also act as a deterrent to the intruder and slow down or prevent such break-ins. Burglar alarms use an invisible ray of light to detect intrusion into your property and can be programmed to set off an alarm, strobe lights and automated messages to your cell phone. The sudden noise and light acts as a deterrent to entry and the messages alert you to take appropriate action to defend your property.

We provide you with the appropriate burglars alarm system depending on the layout of your house. These come at a huge range of price and features. We will recommend you the best featured system available within your budget. Call us on 0116 442 2373 to get a quick recommendation.

High Security, Unbreakable Locks

As locksmiths we have come across multiple cases of theft and break-in burglary's all around Leicestershire. What we have observed is that most of these cases involve a poor quality locks. A lock, regardless of its place of use, is like any other object that you purchase. For e.g. you do not just purchase any television set. You look at the features available in a TV system and depending on your needs and budget constraints, you buy the best possible television set. In the same way you should choose a lock that best serves your purpose to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones.

The security handles for locks are available in a wide range of styles for aesthetic appeal. These match the look and feel of your property and also provide tough security features at the same time. These locks and handles have been quality tested for safety and insurance requirements to provide the utmost protection.

Locking systems come in a variety of lever and cylinder sizes and it can be difficult to make a purchase decision. Our expert locksmiths will recommend you the ideal locking system depending on your needs.

High security locks have exceptional build quality and can resist forced entry. They are protected against picking, bumping or drilling attacks. They also come with a security card which prevents unauthorised copying of the keys. They have a lifetime mechanical warranty for optimal safety.

Security Tips for Your Home

Prevention is better than cure as they say. Given below are some tips which when followed will hep make your home a safer place.

Needless to say, always lock your property with good quality locks even if you are going out for a short period of time. Do not keep the keys outside your home or office. Even though you may have hidden the key in a very secure place, it is of no use in case an unwanted element discovers it. Our key safes can help you securely store keys outside the house.

Install auto timed bulbs that light up at night in order to dissuade a burglar from targeting your house.

Ensure trimming of uncontrolled foliage in your backyard or garden. These can act as a good cover for burglars who want to break into your house and hence cutting them is necessary.

Keep the areas surrounding your house well lit so as to increase visibility. Well lit areas are difficult to break-in due to lack of hiding places. Our security audit services will alert you about such loopholes in your security.

This may sound cliché but always use very high quality locks. The importance of quality cannot be stressed enough. Poor quality locks are vulnerable to manipulation. Keys made of low grade martial can snap inside the lock during operation, effectively locking you out of the house.

Install surveillance and anti-theft system outside your home. Even fake cameras or strobe lights can help deter potential thieves.

In case you need particular advice regarding the security of your place, give us a call on 0116 442 2373 and our expert locksmiths will help you out.