The Composite Door is a combination of all the best features of uPVC and Timber Doors creating an attractive, long-lasting door that requires minimum maintenance. Popular with housebuilders and homeowners alike there is no other door that offers the same level of quality and security. The demand for Composite Doors has risen steadily since they were first introduced in the late 1990's and today the stunning range of colours and designs continue to provide us with individual options for the front of our homes. However faults can occur with the functioning parts of the Door that do not have the same longevity which is why our friendly team at Budget Locksmith Leicester are here to help. Our professional team are accustomed to all the faults that can occur with a Composite Door and are experienced in all aspects of repair and replacement as well as sales, measurements and fitting. Our Best Value Policy ensures that we preserve our competitive pricing that offers our customers affordable quality workmanship. As a well established local company we are fully insured with a 100% guarantee on our work and all parts fitted come with a 12 month warranty. For further information on Composite door repairs or purchase of a new door with no pressure or hard sales techniques we can be easily contacted by phone, email or you can request a call back and one of our engineers will get back to you to have a chat and answer all your questions.

Composite Door Repairs Leicester

Emergency Composite Door
Repairs Leicester

Have you locked yourself out? Composite Doors have the highest level of security so don't try and force your way back in as you would need to do irrevocable damage to gain access. Call us for a 24/7 day or night fast response Emergency Composite Door Repair service where our experienced local engineers will aim to be with you within 15 minutes and will have you back inside in no time with no damage to the door or the frame. If you have been broken into we can replace locks or fit new locks to restore your security. In an Emergency situation we will accept payment in cash, by card in person or over the phone from family or friends whichever is most convenient for you.

Composite Door Draught Fix

A correctly installed Composite Door should not be draughty and if you are hearing a whistle or feeling a draught or worst case scenario, witness the door rattling in the frame, you need a professional to come and assess the problem. Maybe the weatherproof seals have worn and need replacing, the hinges are not adequate enough to support the weight, the door was incorrectly fitted into a former uPVC frame, or when you look at the door, it just doesn't seem to sit right. Any one of these examples could indicate a misalignment issue. Our professional team of Composite Door Repair engineers will quickly be able to identify the problem and have effective solutions to rectify the alignment. The part most connected to supporting the door is the hinge and a Composite Door is solid and weighty. Our stock of hinges supplied by branded makes such as Avocet, Mila, Fab & Fix and Roto will evenly distribute weight, prevent door drop and are security tested ensuring the door fits snugly into the frame as a Composite Door should. So the answer is no, your Composite Door should definitely not be draughty and if it is, we are more than happy to come out, assess it and advise on a repair solution that will rectify the problem.

24 Hour Composite Door Repairs
In Leicester

We pride ourselves on being reliable and punctual for all appointments for a Composite Door Repair in Leicester but you don't have to wait long at all to get faulty parts repaired or replaced as we always have same day appointments available. Working at all hours 7 days a week you can book an appointment for morning, afternoon or evening to suit your commitments if a same day appointment is not convenient. Our friendly team pride themselves on doing a good job whatever the time of day so give us a call for a FREE No Obligation Quote with No Call Out Fee or Hidden Charges and we will take care of everything else.

Faulty Composite Door Handle

If the handle on your Composite Door is not working, that is going to compromise overall security. A sticky handle could mean a problem with the latch. The position of the latch is determined by the handle via the spindle and the latch joins the door to the frame by sliding a bolt into a slot already pre-set into the door frame. It is the spindle that connects the Handles on either side of the door and if the handle doesn't automatically return to its original position that could indicate a problem with the spindle. Of course, the problem could be one of age or wear and tear on the springs. Wherever possible we would repair the handle instead of replacing it however, in the case of wear and tear or age or maybe because you decide you would like to change the handle, we do stock a wide variety of stylish handles that would complement any Composite Door in contemporary, traditional or modern designs available in different colours and finishes all with a 12 month guarantee for you to choose from. We are available 24 hours a day for any problems with Door Handles which the team will deal with quickly and efficiently.

Faulty Composite Door Lock
In Leicester

Multipoint Locks are commonly found on Composite Doors where a combination of Rollers and Hooks are locked into a minimum of 3 multiple points by the handle which secures the door to the frame and is key operated by a Cylinder Lock. There are many metal parts that make up a Multipoint Lock such as the Hook, Deadbolt, Roller Cam, Mushroom Cam, Fingerbolt, Centre Latch and the Anti Lift Pin and Hook and these can be used to make up different lock combinations. The lock will stop working if there is a problem with any of the parts within the lock sometimes just from the metal to metal contact that can occur over a period of time. Other problems that you may need help with are if the key snaps in the lock, you have lost the keys and need to replace the lock or you have locked yourself out. The standard replacement lock we fit is the Ts007 Anti Snap Euro Cylinder that has the additional features of being Anti-Pick and Anti-Drill combined with a 3* rating is an excellent partner for the Multipoint Lock. Having a non functioning lock on a Composite Door is a priority that demands immediate attention so don't think twice about giving us a call. Our professional Locksmiths are available night and day and will sort out any lock issues on your Composite Door.

Accessories For Composite Doors

Absolutely you can and accessories are a great way to personalise and turn a house into your home. Apart from the regular day to day parts we supply and fit we have a selection of accessories especially for Composite Doors. Numerals for the front of the house in a range of designs and colours to match the door. Letterplates, Letterboxes, Door Knockers and Handles all in various finishes and colours so you can have a matching set. Accessories that offer additional security and give you extra control such as Spyholes that are fit to height and come in different sizes and strengths, Security Door Chains and Door and Letterbox Restrictors. If you would like more information on accessories, just give us a call, send us an email or request a call back.

Composite Door vs uPVC Door

A Composite Door is an excellent choice if you are thinking of upgrading your uPVC Door. The multilayered materials including core foam insulation that make up the composition of a Composite door are compressed under extremely high pressure conditions that produces a thickness of 44mm whereas a uPVC Door is made of a single material known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Plastic which has a thickness of 28mm. Both doors are able to withstand most weather conditions but the Composite Door can shield against the worst of weather conditions. Both Doors are secure however the Composite Door at almost double the thickness provides increased security and is more energy efficient. The designs and colours of the Composite Door have advanced a long way from the 1990's now available to suit Contemporary, Traditional and Cottage Style Homes and if you like to be a bit different you can choose from the designer range. So to sum up if you are thinking of upgrading from a uPVC Door, Composite Doors are the perfect combination of strength and style, they are stronger than uPVC Doors, they effectively reduce outside noise, the multi layers of material make them extremely energy efficient and they have the look of a natural Timber Door but with none of the issues. You can request a brochure or view our latest range of Composite Doors online where you are sure to find a favourite. You will be well looked after from the beginning to the final fitting by Budget Locksmiths Leicester where you can rely on our friendly experienced Composite Door fitters to come and measure up and take you through the fitting process providing no hassle 100% guaranteed quality workmanship throughout.