You don't need to look any further for a friendly and professional team available throughout Leicester no matter the area, whether you are in Aylestone, Braunstone or Birstall, or out in the rural areas of Leicestershire, we provide a 24 hour repair and replacement service for uPVC Doors. You will find ourselves a well established company that is fully insured with a 100% guarantee for quality workmanship. Our experienced team has high work standards, engineers pride themselves on performing an excellent job and offering great customer service. Keeping our prices competitive is our Best Value Policy which ensures we have affordable rates both day and night so when you call us for a FREE No Obligation Quote on a uPVC Door Repair in Leicester, we never charge a Call Out Fee or have any Hidden Extras added on at the end. Call us for a same day appointment or you can call or email to book in a day and time convenient to you and our reliable team will arrive on time, ready to start work. Payments can be taken in cash, by card in person or over the phone whichever works best for you so don't put off getting your faulty uPVC Door repaired, you will be well looked after by Budget Locksmith Leicester.

uPVC Door Repairs Leicester

If you find your uPVC Door has an issue that you are not quite sure on what the exact problem relates to, not to worry, there are many functioning parts and these may require assessing in-person to locate the issue, however first of all our trained team can ask you various questions which you can perform first to check, this will help us to diagnose before providing an over the phone quote, in most cases our Engineers can get a great indication with the set of questions that relate to operating the door. Call today on 0116 442 2373 for your friendly free no obligation no pressure quote or alternatively drop us an e-mail.

Emergency uPVC
Door Repairs Leicester

It's reassuring to think a local 24/7 Emergency uPVC Door Repair Team is operating near me. Our Budget Best Value Company will deliver a fast response to your call. Day or night your call will be answered quickly and dealt with efficiently, we will not leave you vulnerable with a faulty uPVC Door in need of repair, if you have locked yourself out, or have been the victim of a break-in resulting in damage by forced entry to external doors. Our Team has years of experience and knowledge in dealing with emergency repairs working methodically and skillfully to get the job done. Whatever your emergency, you can rely on us to relieve the stressful nature of the situation and restore peace of mind.

uPVC Door Cylinder Lock
Replacement Leicester

We work with locks on a daily basis and have years of experience in lock repairs, replacements and changes. Lock problems should never be ignored so if you have a problem with a lock, don't put off getting it repaired leaving yourself vulnerable by inviting unwanted consequences. Loose Door Locks, Misaligned Door Locks, Key Broken in the Lock, Jammed Locks and Latches or if the Key Turns the Entire Lock Cylinder are all common problems that need immediate attention uPVC Doors most commonly have a Euro Cylinder Lock that is an ideal fit with the Multipoint Lock and for us customer security always underpins everything we do, so as a standard we fit the Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock that also has Anti Pick and Anti Drill protection feature and it comes with 5 keys and a 12 month warranty. It has the added benefit of being able to key two or more Locks the same which reduces the number of keys required. Call us to get a solution for your uPVC Door Lock problems and we will soon have you safe and secure.

uPVC Door Handle
Repair Leicester

Many uPVC Door Handles are fitted with a Door Spring cassette in the backplate to stop the handle from sagging but faulty springs will leave you with a floppy handle. The handles on Double Glazed Doors do not have a spring cassette instead relying on the lock spring to keep the handle from sagging, therefore a repair in this case will require the lock mechanism to be changed. A misaligned door will put pressure on a handle, a problem with the tubular latch will cause a handle to stick or become stiff, a spindle that is too long can render the handle useless and possibly lock you out. There are various reasons why a uPVC Door Handle may be causing problems but we are always happy to come out and assess the problem if you are not sure. Once the culprit has been determined, we can give you a no hassle Free No Obligation Quote to Repair it there and then. If there is a need to change the handle and you fancy a change of style from one brand to another, this is perfectly possible as long as all the key positions like the keyhole, the lever and the screws all fit in the same place and we have a large range of handles in different styles and finishes for you to choose from.

uPVC Door Hinge
Repair Leicester

Do you have a door that sags, doesn't open or shut properly? Put an end to struggling getting in and out of your front door. uPVC Door Adjustment will also cure draughts and stop the door rattling in the frame. There are three types of hinges used on uPVC Doors the Butt Hinge, the Flag Hinge and the Rebate Hinge and our team carry stock of all types of hinges from different suppliers enabling them to fit a suitable alternative if your faulty Hinge is no longer manufactured. Hinges are usually the reason why doors sag or become misaligned as the screws that secure the hinge in place slowly loosen over time. Although the Hinge is the culprit here a Misaligned door can spread the fault effect causing other parts to fail such as the lock and the handle as you exert extra pressure trying to manually realign the door every time you come in or go out. Give us a call for one of our friendly local Locksmiths to come out and take the strain of repairing your door so that it once again opens and shuts with ease.

uPVC Door Adjustment

When you find your uPVC Door is difficult to open and close due to it sticking, which will be very noticeable, this can be down to it's alignment. For a uPVC door to operate smoothly, the door needs to be aligned with top and bottom equal distances. If your uPVC door is of old age, this may require adjusting every so often, due to frequent changes in weather conditions this can have an effect over time, along with the weight causing it to drop especially if it has a large piece of glass within, that is heavy stuff! there are several factors that can cause a uPVC door to become out of align, which can include closing the door harshly, but one important factor is, it may just have been fitted incorrectly from the word go. No matter the type of Alignment issue your uPVC Door may be suffering from, there is a few ways to resolve which is best left to a professional to first assess then correct utilising knowledgeable techniques. Please feel free to call for some friendly advice and a no obligation quote.

uPVC Door Mechanism
Repairs Leicester

The Multipoint Lock is commonly found in uPVC Doors along with a Euro Cylinder Lock. With the correct positioning of the handle and the turn of a key, multiple locks slot into place simultaneously giving a high level of security but as secure as these locks are, all locks have a lifespan. The most common causes of locking issues come from the uPVC Door being misaligned or a uPVC Double Glazed Door that has had the glass panels inserted incorrectly, the Multipoint Locking System has multiple locking parts that move the length of the door and frame any of which could have a fault and uPVC Doors can expand and contract depending on weather conditions where even 1mm can make a difference to the Lock Mechanism. Give our Leicester uPVC Door Repairs team a call for some friendly advice on the mechanism repair solutions.

uPVC Door Gearbox
Repairs Leicester

The Door Lock Case or the Gearbox is attached to the back of the faceplate and conveniently in 8 out of 10 Door Lock Mechanisms the gearbox is interchangeable however as you have probably realized by now, all the moving parts of a uPVC Door work together to create a secure defence against unauthorized access to your home so it works that faults too have a knock on effect and the Door Lock Case is no exception. Misalignment or a faulty handle can accelerate the wear and tear of a faulty part so we advise to keep the repair costs down, try and call us as soon as you realize there is a problem so that there is only one part needing repair instead of several.

uPVC Door Panel Replacement Leicester

For Panel Replacement, Budget Locksmiths Leicester use the superior uPVC Panels that incorporate MDF in the core as opposed to the cheaper Polystyrene filled version. We are able to offer different thickness's of 26mm 27mm and 28mm allowing us to change, replace or upgrade individual or multiple panels or remove a pet flap replacing the original panel in it's place. It's the versatility of a uPVC Door that allows Panels that have worn or become damaged to be replaced on an individual basis restoring that good as new look without the cost of having to purchase a new door.