Oadby is broadly a residential area containing a blend of properties ranging from the Edwardian era to new builds and purpose built accommodation blocks. Situated three miles from Leicester City Centre Oadby falls within the catchment area for Budget Locksmith Leicester who have professional and experienced Locksmiths covering the Oadby area. We are a well established company that is fully insured and all our work is 100% guaranteed. Our Best Value Policy keeps our prices competitive and affordable for our 24hr services that cover all aspects of the Locksmith trade. Our great customer service will ensure you receive a courteous and friendly greeting from our Locksmiths who work quickly and efficiently to a high standard and deliver quality workmanship whilst adhering to all current Health and Safety Regulations and all our parts come with a 12 month guarantee. You can contact us by phone, email or by requesting a call back for an expert Locksmith to return your call. All calls are answered promptly. We are a Locksmith you can rely on that has No Call Out Charges or adds on Hidden Extras at the end of a job. All calls receive a FREE No Obligation Quote and once agreed, that is the price you pay. Payments are accepted in cash or by card in person or over the phone by a third party. Save our number in your phone contacts so when you think, where is a Locksmith near me? we will always be right there and ready to help. 0116 442 2373.

Locksmith Oadby Leicester Service

Emergency Locksmith Oadby

A rapid response time is just what you need from a Locksmith in Oadby if you have locked yourself out of the house at any time of the day or night. Our door opening service is just one of our Emergency Services that our Oadby Locksmith is called out for and with our skilful team at hand, they will soon have you back inside your property with no damage to the lock, the door or the paintwork. Locksmith Services offered in an Emergency also covered include Lock Opening and repairs of Lock Snapping, Keys Snapped in the Lock and Home Safes or cash boxes opened, Window Boarding and Glass Replacement from small windows up to large Glass Shopfronts, Repair of Damage from forced entry or Anti Social Behaviour. Landlords, consider a long term service contract where a call from you will enable us to deal with tenants out of hours issues on your behalf. For any Emergency Locksmith Oadby requirements, call and speak to one of our team who are always here when you need us most to restore a secure environment and peace of mind.

uPVC Door Repairs

uPVC Doors are the majority of work that we carry out repairs for, but don’t worry, our locksmith in Oadby also carries out repairs on Composite Doors, Wooden/Timber Doors. Patio Doors, Internal Doors, BiFold Doors, Sliding Doors, Fire Doors and French Doors in fact we will have a solution for repairing any type of door old or new. One of the most common problems with doors is Misalignment. This is usually caused by the hinges that have aged, rusted, been misused, are the wrong hinges for the door or over time can no longer hold the weight of the door. Composite doors are the heaviest of the doors and have a thickness of 44mm as opposed to the thickness of a uPVC Door which goes up to 28mm demonstrating that hinges are not interchangeable between different door types and need to be able to hold and spread the weight of the door in order to prevent door drop. Left without attention, Misalignment of uPVC Doors will also cause problems with the lock, the gearbox and the handle so the earlier it is corrected the better. Sagging uPVC handles can be caused by an internal spring, the incorrect spindle length or a failed component in a handle that has previously worked well. Problems with uPVC Door Locks, particularly an external door should not be left without attention to avoid leaving your home vulnerable to unauthorized access. Our Oadby Locksmith is trained to high standards in uPVC Door Repairs and available for same day appointments or if more convenient email us to book in a date and time for all Door Repairs where we are happy to come out and restore safety and security to your home.

uPVC Window Repairs

Our Locksmiths in Oadby are trained in all aspects, including both Doors and Windows. uPVC Window locks can develop faults too through the locking mechanism or the gearbox that sits in the centre of the window lock on the long metal plate as they are both activated by the handle which is probably where you will first become aware of an issue. Have you got a handle that moves but won’t lock? We are able to diagnose faults throughout the locking system, if it isn’t immediately obvious such as a Key Snapped in the Lock. Draughty Windows can be caused by Misalignment where adjustment or replacement of the hinges is required or by Faulty Seals that can be replaced. Condensation or misting in the Double Glazing can be rectified by replacing and resealing the glass saving you the cost of a whole new window unit. Espagnolette type Handles are identified by the spindle that extends out from the handle to join up with the Locking System and most commonly found on uPVC Windows. The Inline Handle is straight and moves left or right and the Cranked Handle comes in a right or left handed version. An older version of handle is the Cockspur handle also with a left or right handed option has a spur that positions onto a wedge instead of a spindle. We carry stock of all Handles that may need to be replaced due to a fault. We also offer a comprehensive selection of Glass Replacement from Double Glazing, Toughened Glass, Energy Saving K Glass, Self Cleaning Glass, Patterned Glass to Georgian Bar Glass and Glass with Leadwork. So any faults you have with your windows we have got you covered. Call for a FREE No Obligation Quote and let our friendly and highly experienced Oadby Locksmith come and get your windows looking and functioning as good as new.

Auto Locksmith Oadby

Locked keys in the car in Oadby? Our skilful Oadby Auto Locksmiths are ready for your call. With a rapid response time we will soon have you reunited with your keys using specific tools designed for the make and model of your vehicle access will be gained with no damage to the lock, the door or the paintwork enabling you to carry on with your journey. Because these inconveniences happen when you least expect them, our service is fully operational and always ready to help by offering a completely professional service 24 hours a day, 365 weeks of the year covering Cars, Vans, Trucks and Lorries by opening Doors, Boots, Side Doors, Back Doors Cabs and Security Chains. Maybe you need help unlocking your Motorcycle Ignition or Fuel Cap, the Seat Compartment, the Pillion Seat. Have you lost the key to your heavy duty Security Chain? Call Auto Locksmith in Oadby for a fast and reliable service. Easy ways to pay mean you can pay in cash, by card in person or over the phone by family, friends or a third party if you are stuck without funds. Don’t worry, Oadby Locksmiths have a solution to all of these problems as getting you back on the road in no time, this is all part of the service. Currently we are only able to offer an Opening Service so if you have lost or damaged the keys we are unfortunately unable to provide replacement keys, our auto engineers specialise in retrieving keys locked in vehicles, always using non-destructive techniques.

Lock Change Oadby

There are several reasons why you might need a Lock Change and the most common call we get is when moving into a new home. As a new homeowner this should be one of your first considerations. Locks that are showing signs of weakness should be replaced. If you have been broken into the lock will have suffered irreversible damage and if left, it will be easy access for the burglar on a second attempt. Or if you have lost your keys or had them stolen, the lock will need to be changed. Suitable for a variety of locations the standard lock we fit Euro Cylinder Anti Snap Lock that has Anti Pick and Anti Drill features, it comes with a 5 year Warranty, 5 keys and the option to have the front and back door Locks keyed alike saving on carrying around a hefty bunch of keys. Mortice Locks commonly found on Timber Doors go from a 2 Lever version up to a 5 Lever BS3621 security level along with Yale Locks or Nights Latches which must be used in conjunction with a Mortice Lock if the Mortice Lock doesn’t meet the British Standard. We change all types of locks for Doors, Garages, Sheds, Outdoor Storage Units, LockUps, Perimeter Fence Gate and we offer a wide range of options that range from Padlocks, High Security Locks, Smart Locks, Keypads up to Master Key Systems. Upgrades can just be an additional lock or Padlock on your door such as a Patlock for Patio Doors, it’s a great visual deterrent plus easy to fit and remove. The ultimate Cylinder Lock is the Ts007 3* Diamond rated Brisant Ultion Lock an investment guaranteed for ten years that states if anyone is able to gain unauthorized access within that period by disabling their lock cylinders, they will pay you £1000.00. Locks are our business so call Oadby Locksmiths for any queries or concerns you have for an honest chat free from any pressure or hard sales tactics.

uPVC Door Accessories Oadby

If your uPVC Door was fitted around the year 2000 it is likely that you are thinking about a replacement even if just for a change. uPVC Doors are commonplace but have come a long way since they were first introduced. Have a look at our impressive selection of uPVC Doors that are available with or without Patterned Glass Inserts.

If you are looking to upgrade your uPVC Door, a Composite Door is the one to go for. Incorporating the best of both uPVC and Wooden Doors, the Composite Door comes in a stunning range of colours and Traditional, Modern and Contemporary Designs. Whichever door you order, we have a skillful team that will come out to professionally measure up and fit for you so all you have to do is just sit back and admire your new door. View our Doors online or get in touch for a brochure. For your new or existing door we have and extensive range of Handles along with Letterplates, Letterboxes and Door Knockers all available in matching shades and finishes. Make your house stand out with a House Number from a choice of Numerals in colours and styles that will suit everyone. Individual uPVC Panels to replace damaged ones. Hinge and Finger Door Protectors to save those little fingers. Door Closers. Pet Flaps can be installed or removed and the panel replaced. Our Security products include Home Safes, Door Security Chains, Door Restrictors, uPVC Window Hooks and Cables that prevent the window from opening to its full extent, Spy Holes, WiFi Door Camera Viewer and Residential and Commercial grade CCTV and Alarm Systems. For information on how any of our products can benefit your home, we are happy to discuss which options will be a good fit for you.

Crime in Oadby Leicester

Some Lock problems can seem insignificant and get put on the 'To Do' List, however there are lock problems that should never be ignored as they will definitely leave your home vulnerable. Misaligned door locks that may have been incorrectly installed. Jammed Locks or Latches can fail due to a build up of dust and debris collected over time. Keys that have Snapped in the Lock may seem like a simple job but to avoid further damage the keys need to be expertly removed. The Cylinder of a Lock turning independently could on the face of it look like an easy fix by tightening the screws, however this is a quick way to get yourself locked out. All of these issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently for you with a same day appointment leaving you confident of a safe and secure environment. Don’t let the burglar be the one doing regular checks on your Locks at home or at work and consider taking advantage of our Locksmith in Oadby FREE Home Security Check or Security Audit and Risk Assessment for businesses to stay safe and protected.