Commercial Locksmiths Leicester

Commercial Locksmiths Leicester

Lock Change Contract

If you are one of many property developers, landlords, agents or property maintenance companies in Leicester you will find yourself requiring lock changes quite frequently, this can be the result of your tenants moving in and out regularly and sales of new properties, the best solution to this is for your company to have a contract in place with a commercial locksmith to cut down your overall costs for locks, parts and labour. With our locksmith services to the trade, we can guarantee best value for money at all times without sacrificing the quality of parts used or workmanship.

Locksmith Contract Services

We are constantly reviewing our company to forever improve on the quality of our commercial locksmith services, workmanship and the prices we are able to provide local property developers, landlords and agents.

Budget Locksmiths Leicester are one of very few commercial locksmiths in Leicester that 100% work throughout the night, and we are happy to be one of these that serve customers at any time day or night, our Commercial locksmiths are fully committed to take on all commercial contracts for all aspects of locksmithing, call our Commercial Locksmith team today on 0116 442 2373 for the best rates available.

Locked Out

Our Commercial locksmith Leicester team will attend locked out business owners and serve businesses in Leicester of all types and sizes, no matter the time of day or night, we are available 24 hours a day for all emergency calls received, whether that is to get you back into your business premises or to help with an unfortunate break-in.

In recent days we have attended many lock outs inside of the well known shopping centre in Leicester the Highcross Shopping Centre, for companies such as Lacoste, Next and Starbucks.

Burglary Victims

If you have been unfortunate to experience a break-in at your business premises then you'll wanting to seek a reliable Commercial locksmith, with our locksmith team operating a 24 hour service we will endeavour to fulfil your requirements and provide a quote of satisfaction.

Window Boarding

Our commercial Leicester locksmith team don't just work solely with locks, we are able to offer many different type of contract services for local businesses in Leicester, one of which is window boarding, these type of services are mostly required by businesses such as pubs, bars and shops, usually in the case of windows being smashed mainly by vandals after a night of binge drinking, this of course is of a great inconvenience and can be very much a distressing time for shop owners however with our Commercial locksmiths on standby 24 hours a day, we are able to attend to board the windows up for you to temporarily secure the premises and work with you to fully assess the building with you to improve on the security for the future.

Security Audits

We provide security audits for businesses of all types and sizes, we will be able to advise on security ranging from CCTV and the positioning of cameras around your premises inside and outside. Part of our security audit will also involve checking of roller shutters, doors and windows for possible vulnerabilities, we have various other checks which we will carry out to outline any concerns we may have found.

You may already have some concerns which you require advice on, we welcome you to call our Leicester locksmith team on 0116 442 2373.

If you have multiple business premises, this is not a problem, we will attend all locations that you require security audits on and provide you with a fully complete review and write up of our findings.

24 Hour Locksmith Trade Services

No matter the type of service you require, be it a single or bulk lock change, we'll be able to accommodate and fulfil your requirement, call us today on 0116 442 2373 to discuss all Commercial locksmith requirements.